One of the unique features of the Herbal Pathway is the ability to have one-on-one sessions with qualified professionals. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your concerns in a private, confidential setting.

We offer:

  • food and environment sensitivity testing
  • foot ion cleanse/detox
  • homeopathy
  • iridology
  • live blood cell analysis
  • nutritional counselling
  • nutritional plans
  • parasite cleansing
  • reflexology
  • supplement consultations

In order to achieve your health goals, we feel a frank, open discussion about next steps is an important part of this effort.  This is why at THP, we are delighted to introduce a new educational component to our store, the knowledge studio.

You are invited to join us for some very valuable, educational sessions on managing your life in a healthier way. These sessions will help you understand the key elements of ailments, their management, and what things you can incorporate to your daily lifestyle to stay happy and healthy.

We have developed classes to your own strength and ability. Sign up soon as seating space is limited. The instructors are highly trained to make sure you are safe at all times. Workshop costs may vary.

Call 905-839-7234 or visit us today. We’ll help you choose the right class for you.

Thank you for your continued support of our nutrition and educational centre. We are delighted to be your primary provider and wish you the very best.